The retail box is your only salesperson in the store!

Think about that for a second...your packaging has a lot to do! Not an easy task considering the vast competition vying for your customers.

There are many ways a custom box can improve your business.

Attract Attention

Effective packaging is the result of a well thought out design. A good design, done from the consumer point of view, will catch their eye, making them hesitate to take a second look and pick up the product.

Be Convincing

The average consumer spends just 2.6 seconds contemplating a purchase. You need to get your message across quickly! Defining your product in the manner you want your customers to see it will increase its perceived value.

Sell Your Product

Boxes provide real estate to get your message to the consumer, making it easier to create packaging that stands out from the competition. It's a fact: retailers display more attractive packaging in prime selling locations.

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